Support to Orphans

Orphan Support

Having lost one or both parents and with no family, orphans are vulnerable to all kinds of risks.  Protecting them is one of the biggest social problems that today’s societies must overcome. Without a doubt, every child need affection. Furthermore, children should be supported in the areas of nutrition, medical care, housing, and education. These basic rights are essentially the minimum requirement for child safety.

We work with orphanages to prepare orphaned children in orphanages for the future through protection and educational support.  In addition, we organize cultural and artistic activities in these unique institutions and place special emphasis on making a positive contribution to the personal development of children. Through this intervention, DAF had reached out to more than 2,000 orphans in the last two years.

Support to Orphans

Activity Implemented:

16th April, 2022 – As part of activities to mark 2022 Easter day celebration, DAF distributed food items, beverages and toiletries to orphanage homes in Benin City.